Prepared To Swim The Moat?

…you’ve probably seen a picture of castle with a moat around it. Once the drawbridge has been pulled up, the only way you can storm that castle, and get inside it, is to find some way over the water or go through it.

Now, while you’ll probably never be storming any castles anytime soon, there is an invisible moat you’re going to have to get through to get what you want.

Tom Bilyeu, a man I can’t get enough of at the moment,  said on a podcast episode that he has no problem laying out exactly how he’s going to build his Impact Theory business. – He actually directs you to the page on his
website for his game plan.

“But that’s crazy,” you say. “Then everyone can copy him.”

I doubt more than a handful have tried.


Because you’ve got to put in the work.

You’ve got to put in the hours.

You’ve got to show up every day.

And you’ve got to keep going when it looks like nothing’s working.

There mightn’t be a moat there, but there is a barrier – just as protective, that you’ve got to be prepared to cross.

Most people could spend a little time writing a daily email.

Most people could write a page of fiction a day.

Most people could create a coloring book a week.

Most people could create a podcast.

Most people could create a video product with free screen capture software.

But they don’t. And they wonder why people with less talent are passing them by.

“He had a lucky break – one in a million chance that I’ll never get.”

Conor McGregor once pointed to himself and declared, “That is no talent ‘here.’ It all came about from showing up and doing the work.”


If you’re prepared to swim the moat, I’m about to give you the keys of the castle. In fact, I’m going to leave the door of the treasure room wide open.

Walk right this way. 

PS – Prepared to put on your speedos or swimsuit?