Puke On A Door Knob

….I looked up at the clock over the teachers head.

One more minute until the bell rang, then playtime.

I looked over at Colm. We’d had a great game of football the day before.

I nodded my chin to the clock and got a grin back from him, he was as eager as I was to be out the door.

The bell rang.

We exploded from our seats and raced to the door, ignoring our teacher pleas for calmness.

Sarah Traynor got to the door before any of us. She wanted to get out just as much as we did, but for a different reason.

She stood in front of it and sprayed it with the contents of her stomach.

As you’d expect, we all froze and looked at the vomit covered door knob.

A second before, going out that door was all I wanted to do. Now, the last thing I wanted was going out through it.

I don’t know if anyone else threw up that day, but by the time the mess was cleaned up. Break that day just wasn’t the same for us.

It was like the first book I put together, buzzing along with enthusiasm, I put it together quicker than I thought I could.

Getting reviews for it was a different story.

Like going through that vomit covered doorway, my race to get my book out was far more fun that the one when I was looking for reviews.

Because of that, I did this.


I can’t guarantee you the ability to avoid puke coated door knobs for the rest of your life, but I can guarantee you an easier time gathering reviews.