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Putting A Face To Your Books

…”I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you that almost seem to be real.” – The Cure.

A while back the NHS (National health service) in the UK started using a great marketing idea for their blood donation service.

Simply, send out text messages to all their donors telling them where their blood went to.

Whether it was a maternity ward, children’s ward, burns ward, wherever, they started sending out those messages.

And as you probably guessed, it’s going down a bomb. Why? Because people now have a face to their once, anonymous, blood donation.

It’s not just collected, shipped away in a blood van, and never heard of again.

As you can imagine it’s making people ever more keen to give their blood.

All of that got me to thinking….why don’t as many self published authors and publishers do that too?

There’s nothing stopping any of you from having an introductory page in any type of book introducing yourself and why you created the book they’re about to read, color in, or solve.

‘Hi Barry here, I just want to thank you for picking up this book. As a self published author, I’m flattered that you’ve take a chance on me by buying this book.

Little did I know that one line, written down on a napkin in my local Starbucks, would bring me to this 600 page book you find today. I hope you enjoy it.

Barry J McDonald’

I could probably write more, maybe add in a contact email, survey question, free report or anything, all by adding a little of me to the book they’re about to read.

Even a picture of you separates you from all the other bland magnolia books out there. – Once it’s got you in it, that’s something that can’t be copied.

It can be a puzzle book, coloring book, planner, fiction, non fiction, doesn’t matter.

People buy from people.

And people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

It also doesn’t cost anything, and adds an extra page of content to your book. 🙂

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