Putting The Odds In Your Favour

…if you saw my Facebook live the other day you’ll know that it’s easy to put the odds in your favour.

It’s basically showing up and going through the levels that other people aren’t willing to do.

The number of people that want to write a book – huge number.

The ones that sit down and actually write – smaller number.

Those that finish that book and don’t give up after chapter one – even smaller.

Those that have the balls to get it off the hard drive and self publish it – smaller.

Those that write a second book, bother to pay for any ads to sell books, or build an audience – handful of folk.

And that’s why you’ll always find more people at the bottom of the mountain than the top.

The folks at the top though, they take home more of the cash and have a better view.

How high you want to go, is up to you.

You’ve just got to do things that the average Joe won’t do.

Do that, and you’ll find less competitors by your side.

That’s why, when I reopened the member’s area, I know for a fact that there’s no other site like mine.

Some folk will sell you something that’ll only last two weeks before it’s useless.

Some folks will sell you something they’ve never tried out, or gotten results from themselves.

And some folks will bombard you with offers because they owe someone a favour for promoting their stuff to their list.


Let’s face it….when you give someone access to all your products for one monthly price….there is no competition.

Through in a trial of two weeks for seven bucks.

And well, you’ll probably think you’re even luckier than Charlie Bucket finding a Willy Wonka ticket.

Yeah, it’s that unique of a place!

“Come with me…and you’ll see….it’s a world of pure imagination….”

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Just stay away from the levitating cola when you do get inside.