Reflecting On 2023: A Friendly Reminder To Take Action

Hey there, friends! As we wind down the year, I’ve been thinking about something that has stuck with me for quite a while – the impact of Christmas songs on our reflections. Specifically, I want to chat about John Lennon’s classic, “Happy Christmas (War Is Over),” and a moment it sparked at a holiday party.

Picture this: I’m sitting in a chair, a bit tipsy, and the familiar melody of John Lennon’s voice fills the room. There’s a line that really hit me: “So this is Christmas and what have you done, another year over, and a new one just begun.”

In that moment, it felt like John Lennon was talking directly to me. I was in a bit of a funk, feeling down and realizing I hadn’t accomplished much that year. The song became a poignant reminder that our actions, or lack thereof, shape our year-end reflections.

Now, every year when I hear that song, it prompts me to ask myself, “Can I look back on this year and be proud of what I’ve accomplished?” It’s a simple but powerful question. It’s about taking stock of our goals, dreams, and the actions we’ve taken to make them a reality.

So, dear reader, as we approach the end of this year, take a moment to reflect. Are you happy with where you are right now? If not, here’s the gentle nudge – if you continue with the same actions in 2024, you might find yourself in the same spot.

If you want next year to be different, it’s time to take action. I’ve found that in the years since that fateful Christmas party, when I started pursuing my passions – writing fiction books, launching a podcast, and working on my online business – that song didn’t irk me as much. Why? Because I was actively shaping my life in the direction I wanted it to go.

So, I leave you with this thought: “So this is Christmas and what have you done, another year over, and a new one just begun.” Give it some thought today, and if there’s something you want to change, take those first steps. Here’s to ending the year on a positive note and welcoming the new one with open arms. Have a lovely day, and bye-bye!

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