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Rocky Had A Big Advantage Over You

…I’m sure, even if you’ve lived under a rock, you’ve seen a Rocky movie at some stage.

But what you mightn’t have noticed is the huge advantage Rocky had that you didn’t?

‘What’s that?’ You ask

It’s the training montage.

All the weeks and months of training were condensed down into a ten-minute segment.

We didn’t see him drinking those eggs….every single morning.

We didn’t have to watch him get up at ridiculous o clock….every single morning.

We didn’t have to watch him doing every single sit-up.

We didn’t have to watch him chase that chicken…..every single day.

All that boredom…all that monotony…all glossed over.

And when you see that part glossed over it’s easy to think that that part isn’t important.

Fact is, that’s the most important part.

Had all that work not been done every single day he wouldn’t have been fit enough, fast enough, or strong enough to beat the bad guy at the end.

Unfortunately, you don’t get a training montage.

That’s why it seems tedious, boring, and that every day seems like the day before right now.

But it’s got to be done.

This is the most important part right now.


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