Sacking Your Bloat

…once upon a time, there once was a man whose job it was to turn around a company that was about to hit the wall.

Going into the factory on his first day, the shop floor – as you’d expect when someone important was on the premises – was a hive of activity.

Not knowing who was doing their actual job and who were  just going through the motions, the new boss invited all the employees out to the car park…..and promptly sacked them all.

As you’d expect, that got everyone’s attention.

Now, while that may seem like the craziest thing to do, he told them that he’d only be taking those back that he needed.

If there was a place for them in a day or two, and if they hadn’t refused to come back when asked, they’d get their job back.

Six weeks later he turned the business around.

Bit extreme, but it worked and it’s something you should be looking at too to reduce the bloat and costs in your business.

– When was the last time you took a look at the subscriptions for software you don’t use.

– The extra you’re paying to Aweber for subscribers that never open your emails.

– The wasted time on social media that’s not getting you results.

– Reading your daily list of  ‘look at me, look at me’ guru emails…from folks that still call you ‘[first name here]’

And you’re wondering why you’re broke, busy, and your business is as strong as the stick house built by the three little pigs.

Ditch the bloat and get back to basics.

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PS – When the clock hits zero, it’s jumping to 67 bucks a month and/or possibly closing down for new members for a few months, I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Time’s a ticking!