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Safe Sex Without The Handrail… Because That’s How I Roll

…does this email involve sex in any way?

Nah, the subject came from a spoof blog post my wife came upon.

It said that 47% of the kids in our area thought safe sex involved a hand rail, or at least keeping one foot on the floor. 

I also wanted to see if it got through the spam folders and if you’d open it….seeing as your reading this it worked.

I bet you don’t get many emails with subject lines like that too often. 🙂

Thing is…anyone can write subject emails like that, but too many people go the safe option and copy what everyone
else is doing.

And because they do, no one pays them any attention.

Take for example a product that’s being promoted this week.

It’s a funnel of products that you can click a few buttons, change the inside images, the ebook cover, and claim it as your own.

But what if everyone’s selling the same stuff?

Sure you can make you some money with it, what if a customer buys the same thing off two different people?

Wouldn’t it make you wonder if we both know what we’re talking about, or that one of us is one ripping off the other one?

In a world that too easy to be yourself, I can’t see why so many people think they have to copy each other?

Isn’t it just easier to be you?

Earlier on today, I was watching a video done by someone who offers a promotional service in the UK.

He’s worked with Red Bull, Coca Cola and a whole other bunch of large companies.

And each one responded to his letters, even though he was a nobody.


He introduced himself to them through weird, quirky, and off the wall letters.

Some of which you’d probably question sending yourself.

But in the case of these companies they actually congratulated him on his marketing.


Because he wasn’t doing what every other Tom, Dick, and Harry were doing.

And in a world of copycats the originals stand out.

So be original folks. It ain’t hard and it gets you noticed.

Learn to write original emails here.


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