Saving Money Vs Losing Money…Who’s The Winner?

….you probably remember me talk about my previous job, working night shift stacking shelves.

Well, the powers that be, thought it was a great idea to dim the lighting at night.

I know, work that one out. We work through the night, but we get less light to work with than the customers do.

But, some prat in management thought it was a great way of saving money.

How much were they saving?

I don’t know, but all the good work was undone a few weeks later.

Our team leader, another prat, thought it was a great idea to stock the refrigerated section when the fridges were on the blink.

Three thousands pounds worth of food ended up in the bin because of it.

Save a few pounds turning off lights, versus, training staff to do their job properly.

One saves money, the other loses it.

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Wait, what?

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