Scooping Up The Poop…And The Cash

…Dan Kennedy once told of a woman who came up to him after a talk, and spoke about her son’s business and how they were using Dan’s courses to get more customers.

‘What’s he in?’

‘Carpet cleaning. But before that he started off picking up dog poop for money.’

And yes, armed with only his trusty pooper scooper, her son built a small business picking up dog poop in the local areas.

And worked his way up to a staff of eight, which is nothing to be sneezed at, before turning to the world of carpet
cleaning instead.

I don’t know how that business went for him, but I’d imagine pretty well.

Because, well, let’s face it, anyone that’s determined to make money picking up dog poop ain’t gonna give up that easy.

So the next time you’re complaining that things are tough, that everyone’s in your niche, that there’s no money
to be made, or I’m just too tired today, I want you to picture a guy making money with just a pooper scooper.

There’s worse ways to make money.

Now, how about making money making something else disappear?

Barry J McDonald.

PS – ‘Scoopidy Poop, Poopidy Scoop’ as Kanye would say.