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She Still Hasn’t Learned Her Lesson, Have You?

….Those of you that have been following my dog Summer’s exploits, will know that we came very close to losing her after she ate a belly full of gravel.

You’ll be glad to know she’s fully recovered, is up and running again …and still as daft as a brush.

She also hasn’t learned her lesson yet.

Catherine caught her the other day with a stone in her mouth, chewing on it like it was a piece of gum.

She’s got a big heart, but there’s not much going on in the head dept.

I’m still speaking about the dog…  🙂

Guess that’s like a lot of us.

We do things we know we shouldn’t be doing, but we still do them.

Problem is, we’ve been doing them so long, we don’t know any better.

Going from one bright shiny object to another… not finishing projects off, and expecting success without breaking a sweat.

If life was like a sales letter, we’d all be driving sports cars and working at the beach on our laptops.

Hard work and doing the daily grind isn’t sexy.  But it’s the only way you’ll make progress.

Pick one thing this week and stick to it, work it with all you’ve got.

When you start to see success, do it over again. Or if it can stand on its own, move onto something else and stick with that for a while.

My new course, mightn’t be sexy, it does require a little sweat, but it’s scalable.

And for those of you that are easily bored, you can also create any content you like.

Like I told Summer…

“I’m not a vet, but it’s not good for your health… my sanity… or my bank  balance….so please stop chewing it!”

PS – Seriously, don’t ask me for any animal advice.

This though, you can trust me on…

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