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"Don't You Just Wish Social Media Was Easier?"

Imagine how you'll feel when you don't have to worry social media. No more giving up precious writing time because you're trying to keep every audience on every platform happy. Finally, you've got the bull by the horns and you're steering it where you want it to go...

"Need To Sell More Books?"

I know what it’s like to write a book and wonder what to do next. It seems that once you’ve gone through all the trouble of putting it together, you’re at another hurdle …promoting it. Let’s face it, the majority of us aren’t salesmen or saleswomen… or have ever taken marketing 101. But there are ways to market your book...

"Make Money Confusing Your Customers?"

Believe it or not, some people love nothing more than being frustrated and confused. Oh, and they'll also pay you for making them feel that way. Welcome to the world of maze puzzles. Inside Money Making Mazes...

"Want More Attention For Your Books?"

The worst thing about social media images and book trailer videos can be easily overlooked, and not played. GIFs on the other hand are a different matter. Not only are you not limited to canvas space, but they play on auto-pilot over and over again. - Want to put Book Trailer GIFs to use for you?
"I just wanted to drop a quick note about what an amazing job you did with this course. I wanted to thank you for being so thorough and adding video and websites to use for creating unique content. Most of all, I wanted to thank you for making it accessible to those of us on shoestring budgets. Most of the online courses like this go for hundred or more (please don't do that when you get well known, which seems to be the case with most). I have bought a few of those courses and they are no better, or less better, than the one you have created. Most downloads are worthless pdf's that regurgitate well known info easily gotten from the internet. Not so with cheap children's book course. Please keep up the wonderful work. It is well appreciated by those of us in the trenches!" Many thanks. - Louise Willis

“Who Else Wants Their Own Personal Salesman Selling Their Book 24 Hours A Day?”

They say that a picture can tell a thousand words. A collection of them, done right, can convey to your viewer more than that. Think maybe having a free salesman working all over the internet would be helpful to you and your books? And that’s only one book trailer. What if you decided to create two or three for each book.
CleverContentCreationCover (4)

"Solve Your Content Creation Problem In The Next Hour."

What's the one thing most marketers and bloggers dread? Content creation. I expect you've tried creating content for multiple places and failed because you couldn't keep up. - Don't worry it's not your fault.

"Want To Know What Romance Book Readers Are Looking For?"

Struggling to come up with romance character traits, or not sure what your romance book audience wants? Then pick up a copy of Romance Rolodex. Giving your over 1,100 keyword searches it's all you need to sell more books and get your creative juices flowing.

"Want To Get More Done For Less On Social Media?"

If you're honest with yourself, you know you're not as good as you could be on social media. Plus, you're probably paying a small fortune for social media tools. In the social media tool kit you'll find that....

"I learned about Barry through his "CHEAPCHILDRENSBOOK" course. His style of teaching has its own unique way. That's one of the reasons I won't hesitate to purchase any of his courses. I was given the opportunity to review the first five lessons of his AZ Marketing course. I sent him a message afterward and told him if that was all in the course then that would be enough and to have more is exceptional value. I am learning from Barry not for myself but to help my sister market her upcoming books. I think I made a wise and great choice choosing Barry as one of our mentors. P.S. I have some experience in marketing but not enough to call myself a marketer and it's an understatement when I say my sister and I both are very excited and looking forward to this journey. Bottom line -THUMBS UP TO BARRY! "- David Rhode
"Your courses offer excellent value and that's what made me choose to sign up for the WriteCome membership. Even if one month that particular course may not appeal at that moment, I know I have a course library to draw on. Thanks!" - Angie Anderson

"How To Create Your Own Amazing Romance Book Covers Without Photoshop."

Let's be honest here, if you've ever tried to create your own book cover with a copy of Photoshop I imagine you gave up in frustration. But what if you could create great book covers using Canva.com? You can, and It's a lot easier than you think.

"Want To Make Money Using Only A Digital Eraser?"

Most people think that to make money you've got to make something. In this case, you can make money by taking things away. In Spot The Difference Creations, you'll see how easy...

"How to Quickly and Easily Build Your Very Own Book Reviewers List!"

I know what it’s like to publish a book and have it sit there without a single review. Like an abandoned Wild West town with tumbleweeds blowing through it, it looked pitiful. Being a new author I wondered, how I could get people to review it? This is the process I came up with.

"Want To Take Your Flat Book Covers To A New Dimension?"

There are authors that still believe that putting a flat Kindle book cover on their website or social media images is going to get them sales. It's won't. But you can turn that boring image around in the next few minutes.


"Take The Guess Work Out Of Your Book Creation!"

Wondering why no one's buying your planners, coloring books, journals, workbooks or puzzles books? Chances are, you're making content that no one wants. In the Ultimate Keyword Collection I'll...
“I was so thrilled to have this great new concept on books… It opened up a whole new world to me … now, I'm coming up with all kinds of ideas, all thanks to the Cheap Children's Book program. I'm looking forward to publishing many more children's books inexpensively!" - BG Jenkins

"Discover The Stupidly Simple Way To Boost Your Book Sales And Credibility."

How Would You Like Your Own Billboard? One that was constantly updating, letting your audience know exactly where they could reach you, and advertised all your books for you? Nice right? And what if that billboard was bang smack in the middle of one of the busiest sites on the planet?

"Are You Ready To Give Stephen King A Run For His Money?"

What separates Stephen King from all the other authors out there? If you answered, his volume of work, you’d be right. How would you like to be able to come up with a story line at the drop of a hat? Let’s face it, if you’re a writer you should be writing, not struggling for ideas.
“If You’re Thinking of Writing a Children’s Book – Get This! This is THE best course I have ever bought on writing Children's books (yes - better than the more expensive one!). Even though I have to finish my novel before writing a kid's book, I grabbed this as soon as I saw it, and will make it my next project. Not only does Cheap Children's Books show you how to write and illustrate books for very little money, It also gives advice and resources on how to promote them. Barry also provides ongoing support which is very useful. Great value for money!” - Wendy Owen

"Here's How To Quickly And Easily Plot Your Next Book!"

Ever know what you should be doing, but you still struggle to do it? Using the system I use, I was able to create 17 books that center around three characters in a fictitious world. Want to know a painless and frustration free way to plot your next book?

"Want to Make More Money From Your Email List?"

Building an email list is one thing, writing to it is something else altogether. If you're lost for ideas, don't know what to say or send, then you need a copy of Email Ace - email writing made easy.
"Email Ace is an instruction course that focuses on mindset, strategies, and product promotion, as well as other tips and ideas for email marketing. This course takes email marketers and helps them build upon elements of commonality to you reach the customer in a very authentic way. You are initially taken from the idea stage and shown how to add intrigue, with fun, along with your promotion for a smooth transition. No matter where you are in the marketing experience, you will find valuable takeaways that can be implemented into your current strategy. This is a "Must Have" resource." - BG Jenkins - www.Trailwords.com

"Want To Make More Money From Your PLR Coloring Book Images?"

Stop spending money on PLR image packs for your coloring books. Inside Clever Coloring Creations you're going to discover how to churn out tens of coloring book images from the content you already own.

"Want To Create Create Brain Challenging Content You Can Make Money From?"

Looking for an easy way to create content for your workbooks, puzzle books, or to give away on your website? Then you've come to the right place. If you can type a few words into a text box then you too could be making money from these hieroglyphic type puzzles today.

"Want To Create And Sell Amazing Children's Coloring Books?"

Discover how anyone, even you that can't draw to save your life, can create and sell amazing children's coloring books. It's the ultimate no content publishing niche to be in.
"This was an excellent course! All the videos were very thorough and explained everything in great detail. I have already started creating my coloring books and, thanks to this course, I am finding the process quick, easy and fun!" - J Colville Lambert

“Turbocharge Your Amazon Book Earnings Without Writing A Single Word!"

What if there was a place...
- Where your writing experience didn’t matter?
- Your books were snapped up as quickly as you made them?
- And even better, the people with the money were the ones making the buying decisions?
It seems almost too good to be true, right? It's not. Believe it or not. There is an area of the Amazon book store that is an exact match to all of that criteria.
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