"How To Publish A Children's Picture Book Even If You Can't Draw"

Discover the only course in the world that can take you from nothing, all the way to being a published children's book author in the Amazon Kindle store. - Even if you can't draw to save your life.

Fiction Courses

Finding it hard to come up with story lines? Discover the super simple way to come up with story lines at the drop of a hat.
Frustrated that you can't work out a plot line for your book? Join us in this course as we show you the painless way to do it.

Writing Tools

Want To double, triple, or quadruple your writing speed starting today? If only there was a way to do this? Something that could not only guide you to hiring the best ghostwriter for the job,
There are authors that still believe that putting a flat Kindle book cover on their website or social media images is going to get them sales. It's won't.
What if you could find out in mere seconds if anyone's looking for your book? Sound difficult? It's very easy to do once you go through this video course.
Let's be honest here, if you've ever tried to create your own book cover with a copy of Photoshop I imagine you gave up in frustration. But what if you could create great book covers using Canva.com?
Struggling to come up with romance character traits, or not sure what your romance book audience wants? Then pick up a copy of Romance Rolodex to find out now.
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What's the one thing most marketers and bloggers dread? Content creation. I expect you've tried creating content for multiple places and failed because you couldn't keep up.
email ace
Building an email list is one thing, writing to it is something else altogether. If you're lost for ideas, don't know what to say or send, then you need a copy of Email Ace.

Low Content Books

Believe it or not, some people love nothing more than being frustrated and confused. Oh, and they'll also pay you for making them feel that way.
Most people think that to make money you've got to make something. In this case, you can make money by taking things away.
Discover how anyone, even you that can't draw to save your life, can create and sell amazing children's coloring books.
Looking for an easy way to create content for your workbooks, puzzle books, or to give away on your website? Then you've come to the right place.
You could spend a fortune paying someone to make coloring book images for you, or you could just use the ones that are already lying around the Internet.
Want to take your coloring book image creation up a gear? Here's how to create even more coloring book content for free from content that's all ovwr the web.
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