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Should You Be Doing What You’re Doing?

What if you were faced with doing what you’re doing for the next five years?

That there was no trying anything new.

That you had to turn up every day and do the same actions over and over again.

Could you do it?

Does it seem like the worst job ever?

If it does, chances are good you shouldn’t be doing what you are right now.

To be successful at anything means showing up consistently, probably doing the same actions over and over again, and probably showing up to the sound of crickets.

If the road ahead doesn’t seem like one you’ll get joy from, have a feeling of achievement from, then my advice would be to drop out now.

Save yourself those years of misery, and find something that fires you up.

The people that we admire in this world are those that not only love what they do, but share what’s great about what they do with the world. – You can’t help but feel magnetized to them.

So, how do the next five years look to you?

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