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Should You Post Your Articles On LinkedIn?

Now I got this question the other day and thought I’d repost it here. And although this question is specific to LinkedIn, I think you should post your articles there and elsewhere, and for these 3 reasons.

1 – It’s A Good Way To Repurpose Your Content – Faced with writing a brand new article for LinkedIn, or reusing a piece you’ve already written, I’d always go the second route. An old article can be used as a starting point for an article. Where you take one tip from a 10 tips blog post and expand on it. Or where you take it and put a business spin on it. For example, an article on how to buy the best coffee could become how buying bad coffee could affect you in your business today….or something along that line.

2 – Not All Sites Give The Same Results – What I mean by that is, that sometimes a blog post can fail to hit an audience but when taken over to another site (or changed into another format) can give you a completely different result. You can find that for whatever reason, it could be timing or just a different audience, can see that piece take off way better way than it did with your original audience.

3 – It’s In Front Of More Eyeballs – If your article is only on one platform, it can only be seen on that platform….it’s common sense, right? But that one article on LinkedIn, Medium, Facebook, and your blog, is now in four different locations and can be seen by way more people. – Again, why stick to only one audience when you can repost that content everywhere that will take written content.

Now start dusting off that old content of yours and start making more use of it. – Have a good one!

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