Slapped Around The Face By Jim Rohn

…there’s a quote (Confucius I think) that if you’re the smartest man in the room you’re in the wrong room.

Now, while it can be comforting to be the cleverest one in the room, in that you’re seen as the expert to everyone else, it doesn’t do much for you.

Your business never grows. You never learn anything new. And you’re always on the lookout for someone overtaking you and taking your crown.

So, in other words, you ain’t really that smart.

Knowing this, and trying to up my game, I’ve been on a buying binge over at

Hence today’s subject line, about Jim Rohn slapping me around the face with the harsh hand of reality.

Because let’s face it, if there’s anyone we know how to kid….it’s ourselves.

We half arse things, hold people to a higher responsibility than we could ever match, and expect things to improve, doing what we’re doing right now.

As Jim would say, if the actions you’ve been doing, or not doing, hasn’t got us anywhere near our goals and dreams, how do we really expect things to improve?

Now you can fly by that paragraph, or you can pause for a moment to take in it.
If you repeat what you did today, did it tomorrow, then next week, then a month from now, then a year from now, would you be anywhere near that goal of yours?


Well, why wait for that time to pass, knowing that in a year from now, you’ll still be where you are?

Why would you do that?

And yet you see it everywhere. 

– People relying on that lottery win.
– People relying on a relative dying and leaving them a fortune to retire on.
– People doing the poorest of work and then expecting the boss to reward them with a raise.
– A writer talking about that book they’ll write and never actually doing it.
– That home business that’s going to be built when the time is right.

So, what about you?

Are you walking in the direction of your goals, or are you just marching on the spot you’ve always marched on?

If procrastination is a problem for you, you can watch my video on that topic over on the blog here.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – When I saw Jim’s smile on the cover of his program, I thought he looked like a sweet old man…now…I think there’s another reason behind that smile.