So Many Sales, So Little To Buy

…I don’t know if your email box is like mine, but if it is, I bet it’s full of internet marketing sales.

I swear if I went for all of them, I’d have maxed out at least  three credit cards already.

Ben Settle’s email today got me thinking on this.

How can something that’s worth a hundreds bucks yesterday,
only be worth seven today?

And how is that someone that’s making thousands a month, wants to show me how to do it for seven?

Is the information less valuable today, or is there something going on in the background that we don’t know about?

Ben regularly says ‘Assume everyone is full of shyt until proven otherwise.’

I’d add myself to that.

That’s why WriteCome will always have a 30 day guarantee to all new members.

And it’ll never be lower than the price of a slice of pizza.

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