Something I Know You Want To Know How To Do

….free traffic. Those two magical words.And when you’re skint, the only way of driving traffic to your books and websites.

Years ago, before I got involved in self publishing, my websites replied heavily on it. Those were the days when article directories were the biggest and best ways of doing it.

Times have changed, but my articles are still out there in cyberspace sending traffic to websites I don’t even own anymore.


…if you Google my name, I’m sure you’ll find some weird and wonderful articles out with my name attached to them.

Thing is, getting free traffic can be a pain in the butt, but if you haven’t got the money you’ve got to put in the time instead.

Two of those ways is using articles and videos. For authors, this involves writing articles for your own blog or others, and creating videos for YouTube.

For other ways that don’t involve the latest software that’s been repackaged and sold to you under a different name,  you can find it here.

Oh, and by the way,  I’m not that gymnast in the Google search.

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