Somewhere Out There….

…there’s a perfect book.

It’s got the perfect characters.

It’s got the perfect story line.

And the author’s been working on it for years.

It’s been talked about at many social gatherings.

It’s got the perfect layout, the perfect font, and the perfect cover.

Problem is, it’s sitting on a hard drive, vacuum packed from the world.

Never been touched, viewed or talked about.

As long as it’s there, it’s perfect.

It can’t be criticised. Can’t be torn apart. Laughed at.

It also can’t inspire or entertain anyone.

Like a lottery ticket that’s never been checked, that dream stays alive until reality walks in and says you’re not a winner.

There’s many forums filled with authors like that.

They go to writing events online and off, they talk a good game, because they’ve got the perfect book at home.

One they’ve been working on for ten years.

In ten years time, they’ll still be there talking up the writing life. The perfect book still wrapped up tight at home.

Know anyone like this?

You, maybe?