Standing On The Throat Of Your Success?

…bit of an image, right?

You looking down on the thing you want, and it’s you that’s stopping it from living?

Why would you do that?

Because you’ve been programmed that way…

We’ve got that conversation you had with that school teacher.

Words of advice from friends.

An outburst from an angry parent.

All on a never ending loop on that hard drive between your ears.

You’re dumb.

You’re stupid.

You always give up.

You’ll never be a writer.

You, earn a thousand bucks a month…yeah right!

Heck, even your TV doesn’t want you to be successful.

Ever notice that all the poor people in TV shows and movies are always the most spiritual, noblest, honest, and salt of the earth?

The rich successful folk, not so much.

They’d rob the eyeballs from their dead mother’s corpse if they knew there was money in it for them.

You say you want success, you want a better life, but you’re still shooting holes in the life boat that’s carrying you.

You’re jumping from one making money idea to another. – Never allowing any of them to get hold.

You’re listening to advice from friends and family members. – That have never built a business from home, and can’t
stay away from Netflix for five minutes.

You love the idea of being a struggling writer, because that’s what get’s people’s attention and sympathy. – Because God forbid you became successful and couldn’t depend on that support anymore.

You believe that everyone with talent has an unfair advantage. – Than working on the skill you need to learn and working on it every day…no matter how bad you are.

And a host of other things….each of us have our own favourites that we like to revisit on a regular basis.

To Success, you’re a magnet pointing the wrong way around, constantly pushing it away from you.

Sure, some of those things up there seem daft, childish, and obvious to a blind man as being wrong, but there’s still a part of you that believes it.

The one that throws hurdles in your way.

Make things difficult.

And wants you to give up, just when things look like they might improve.

But you wouldn’t do that, right?

That’s probably why you didn’t grab a copy of my story course.

Because really looking at why you’re doing the things you’re doing sounds silly,  a waste of time, and who has time to waste with a pen and paper?

You’re too busy, right?

I thought that too until I did it.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – If I ever started coaching again, this would be the first thing I’d give to a potential client.

It’s that important.

Because if you don’t know why you’re doing the things you do, there’s not much help I can give you.