‘Stark’ Raving Mad

…unless you’ve just come out of a coma, or been away when Thanos clicked his fingers, it’s hard to avoid Game of Thrones – either online or off.

So when a coffee cup was left on set, and made it’s way onto the show this week, the Internet went into meltdown. – And Starbucks saved themselves billions from all the free advertising.

The best part, it wasn’t even a Starbucks cup, but a local Belfast coffee shop that the cast had been using between takes.

How much advertising did this privately owned store get?


Now, if they had their heads screwed on, and had a following, they could have put out a better story for themselves and not the… “Big nasty Starbucks didn’t give us any of the publicity!”…complaining that came out.

And if they had a coffee cup that looked nothing like a Starbucks one, this problem wouldn’t have happened. – And they could have labeled themselves the “Official, unofficial Game of Thrones barista bar.”

But this is what happens when you blend in and don’t stand out.

Same thing happens in the Amazon kindle store, with writers having a lazy or non existent author page.

If you’re doing what the others are doing, you’re just the same as the rest in your niche.

But put some effort into it, show people that you know what you’re talking about and you start to stand out.  – It’s also not very difficult to do.

Don’t have one….or know how to build one?
I’d recommend going here.

PS – But then I made it, so I’d say that anyway.