Staying Broke To Keep Everyone Else Happy

…imagine for a moment that a new restaurant opened in town, one that provided great food at low prices.

Now, imagine a few months later, after you’d gotten used to going there…you walk up and find a ‘Closed’ sign on the door.

Not only for that day, but you find out that they’re never going to be open again.

You scratch your head, wondering how that could be? The whole town went there. The staff seemed to be flat out, taking care of customers….and yet, it’s gone.

You then find out later that the owner had been running the place at a loss. He’d started his business off at rock bottom prices, but as the weeks went on, been afraid to raise them for fear of losing customers.

What would you do in his situation?

Keep your prices low to keep the masses happy, or put them up, to make sure your business was profitable and your staff had jobs?

It’s obvious, right?

And yet most people online never see it that way.  They sell at rock bottom prices, never make enough money to cover their expenses, and wonder why no one takes them seriously.

You can stay broke, to keep everyone happy, or you can sell to the smaller group that are willing to pay you more.

The choice is yours.

You won’t get rich selling a $1 kindle book.
You won’t get rich selling a $10 paperback.
And you won’t get rich selling a $7 video course.

If you’re afraid of raising your prices, then find a way to make your customers spend more with you.

The choice is yours.

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