Still Aiming To Be The Cleverest One In The Graveyard?

…the other day I received an email from a subscriber who didn’t have the cash for a report I’d just released.

‘Can you wait til I get paid?’

Now while my large forehead might make me a little Herman Munster like, I’m not a monster. So a few days later, I dropped the price back (something I never do) and told her I was leaving it that way for 48 hours.


Now, I know what it’s like not to have the bucks when you’re starting out. I used to throw up websites as quickly as I could, in the hope of making the hosting fee back so I could keep them live for another 30 days. – Many times I didn’t.

I also used to do the same with Aweber, and GetResponse.

Hurrying to get a campaign together, I’d often have to pull the plug before the $1 trail ended and I’d have to pay the princely sum of $17.

So I know what it’s like to have to do the odd Bank account, PayPal shuffle, to put some coins together.

Thing is, they were a member of the WriteCome site. Which means they either couldn’t come up with a ten dollar idea (even having all my courses at hand), or they were flitering their money away on bright shiny objects.

And so I took them off my list. – I don’t want subscribers or customers like that.

You can call me a monster, but I’d be a bigger one clearing out their bank account. And when you think about it, when is a customer like that ever going to sing my praises or recommend me to someone else.

‘You should see that thing I didn’t make, with that course I just bought, there was some much great content in it. I just feel cleverer just having it on my hard drive.  – Hey! You should buy it too.’

Inspiring stuff, right?

So, what about you?

Still aiming to be the most knowledgeable person in the graveyard?

Or are you getting off your butt and working that knowledge?

Let’s be honest for a second….have you made back the money
you’ve spent on your last purchase?

No? Why not?

Did you act on it, or are you waiting for payday to get another fix, clicking the buy  button on a sales letter somewhere?

Or…….maybe things are tight.

If so, why haven’t you followed through on all the free stuff you’ve downloaded.  Either on my site or someone else’s.

You can either go to the graveyard with a big noggin like mine, or you put some bucks in your pocket before that.

The choice is yours.

By the way, there’s plenty of great free advice here.

PS – And before anyone types up a strongly worded comment, save your time and focus on your business instead. – If today’s blog post triggered you, there may be some things you need to face up to.

Or, you take the easy route and just click away now.