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Still Believe It’s Gonna Work Out?

…”Nobody Trusts That What They’re Doing Is Going To Work Out.” – Jim Edwards

According to Jim, there’s a reason why people throw money away on bright shiny objects.

It’s low self-esteem.

A part of you might think you’ll eventually make good, but the larger part of you doesn’t.

And when it doesn’t, it looks for any instant results it can achieve.

Even if that involves riding on someone else’s coattail…or going in the wrong direction to achieve it.

And when you see those results fast enough, it covers that self-doubt that creeps you had.

I know when I look back on my earlier life online, I used to think like that.

I was a weight loss blogger one minute.

An ‘expert’ on breathing techniques the next.

And an owner of more Squidoo sites than I can remember.

And although I went to bed each night feeling like I’d achieved something, it was all busy work to make me feel good
about myself.

The fact was, none of it excited me.

And when it doesn’t, you lose interest.

You skip a few days.

You neglect to pay your hosting fees.

And you never back anything up. – Because hey, “I can start all over again.”

But then one day…you do something for you.

It mightn’t light up the world, but you go to sleep with a feeling of accomplishment. – You’ve achieved something.

It mightn’t be huge, but you’re proud that it’s got your name on it.

And so you keep working on that thing.

You show up every day, and after a while people start to notice you.

You get a few fans, and as you get more popular…you get the haters.

And once you reach that point, you know you’re doing something good. – Because haters never go for the low hanging fruit.

And so you carry on, plodding along, happy with what you’re doing.

Adding an article here.

Maybe a product there.

And maybe a training course over there.

Of course, it takes time, longer than expected it would, but you go to bed happier than you’ve ever been.

And you look forward to working on it the next day to do it all over again.

Nice thought, right?

Not where you are right now?

I may have a solution for you.

Barry J McDonald.

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