Still Focused On The ‘Brown’ In Life?

...what’s your favourite color?

Maybe you’re a greenie?

Because of that, you notice that color on your daily travels.

There are the blue cars in traffic.

That black dress you love being in, or seeing your partner in.

The greenness of the trees as you’re out on your morning walk.

Now you know there’s a world of colors beyond the one you love.

There’re the reds, the yellows, the pinks, purples and browns. But you don’t see them.

Case in point. If you looked around the room right now, and I asked you to close your eyes, you could tell me all the objects in that room with your favourite color.

If it’s red, you know all the red stuff.

Blue, you could tell me where it’s at.

Green, it’s on the bookshelf, on the fridge door, and the clock face.

And yet there’re more colors in your room than just those.

Now if your eyes were still closed and I threw a curve ball by asking you for all the ‘brown’ in the room, you may be hard pressed to give me an answer.

Why? Because it’s not on your radar.

And yet when you open your eyes you may find it within a foot of where you’re sitting. – All because your mind was focused on your favourite color.

Now, if I wouldn’t give up unless you gave me a brown object, I know you’d rack your brain to give me something, even if it wasn’t close to being brown to satisfy me and your brain.

That’s the way we all live our lives.

It’s how two people can look at the same thing where one sees a disaster, the other, a money making opportunity.

It’s how a bad book review can either be seen as a public slating, or taken with a pinch of salt.

It’s why you struggle to come up with book ideas, and someone else has more than they can handle.

If you’re not happy with all the ‘brown’ in life, maybe it’s time to focus on a new color instead.

Speaking of focusing on color.

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PS – Now if you’re color blind, none of the above will make any sense to you. :)