Still Looking For One Night Stands?

…depending on your thoughts of one night stands, I think most people would rather a long term and close relationship.


Because having one means…

– You’ve got someone you can rely on.
– You can support each other in your future plans.
– You get to see the same face in the morning who knows what you’re like, and will put up with your grumpiness until you’ve had your first coffee.

And lets face it, we’re all getting older. It might be easy to have them today, but in a few years, when those looks start to fade …..just like that cute shaped cloud that disperses into that painting ‘The Scream’….you’re gonna face an uphill battle and have to settle for what you can get.

Now you’re probably thinking? What the hell’s he on about, and am I still on the right email list?

Don’t worry, you are. I’ll get to the point.

When it comes to your customers, are you looking for one night stands, a quick fling of excitement?

Jumping from single sale to single sale, maybe making money now, but not considering the future when the next wave of better and fresher marketers come into the marketplace?

Are you afraid of hanging around, being yourself, or God forbid, letting your customer in on your life? They don’t have to see your bed head, but are you afraid to face them make-up free?

Are you tossing away all the effort it took to get that sale, only to do it over and over again to keep up?

Like a long and lasting relationship, are you building anything that’ll stand up to the surprises and drama’s the business world can send your way?

Maybe you’re happy with the one night stands, the challenge of going from one customer to another, charming the pants off them so they’ll take your product home.

I’m not here to judge, but for me, the long term customer relationship always wins out. It brings sales and happiness on a more regular basis, and I don’t have to jump out of any windows when it hits the fan.

That’s another reason why I repurpose all my emails into multiple versions to build those closer relationships.

One way is through video. Like the ones I posted on the WriteCome Facebook wall.

Nothing hard, nothing difficult, and I can do them make-up free.

Happy days.