Still Running On The Spot?

…’Just because you’re doing a lot more, doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot more done.’ – Denzel Washington.

Are you guilty of this?

– Reading tons of books on writing but haven’t type your first sentence yet.
– Buying course after course thinking you need more info before you can put your first course together.
– Answering all the pings, beeps, and tweets and not working on your business?

Like running on the spot don’t expect to get anywhere.

I’ll put my hand up to all the above.

– My kindle was full of writing books I impulsively bought and never cracked open.
– For years I bought course after course until I realised I was reading the same stuff from people who knew less than me.
– I used to run around answering every beep, tweet and poke that came at me. None of which put a bean in my pocket.

Since then I’ve wised up and use social media just to share my content on. I’ll work on numbers later, for now this list and WriteCome comes first.

I’ve also wised up to wasting time in the morning.

As Ben Settle says, the first hour of the morning is yours to work on your business.

Not Facebook’s.
Not emails.

This way even if your day and plan falls apart, you’ve put a solid hour of work under your belt each day.

So what can you be working on first thing?

Writing fiction for an hour?
Recording a series of videos?
Or writing your daily email like I do?

This blog post was an email a few minutes ago…it’ll be social media images, and a video…oh, and a podcast episode.

I’m releasing a new report that’s going to show you how I do it. Stay tuned to blog for more details.


You’ll also be able to make money from it too. – Because I like you peeps.