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Stop Asking This Stupid Question

…if there’s one question that stopped more dreams.

Made people take great ideas to the grave.

And made people live a life that’s smaller than it could have been it’s this…

‘What do you think?’

Those four words are the worst you can ask of a partner, family member, friend, and ‘non’ expert.

And for these two reasons.

The majority of people are dummies and will give you the first answer that comes into their heads.

They won’t ponder on it for an hour, tell you that they’ll get back to you tomorrow, or even warm up a brain cell.

They’ll say the first thing that comes to mind.

And two, they’ll look at your question through the lens of their own life.

Could they see themselves writing a book, making ten grand a month, having a business that exists on a laptop?

They couldn’t.

And because they couldn’t see themselves like that, then they’ll tell you that it’s not going to work out for you. – And they might also have an ulterior motive, they don’t want you making them look bad.

So, it’ll be a ‘no’ don’t do it.

And so you live a life that’s smaller than it could have been, you don’t make a difference to anyone’s life, and you take those plans to the grave.

So stop asking that question, and just go do it.

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