Stop Asking Yourself What To Do Next. Here’s Why…

Stop Asking Yourself What To Do Next. Here's Why...
Stop Asking Yourself What To Do Next. Here’s Why…

….the worst thing you could do today is to ask yourself what you should be doing next.


Because you’re going to base that decision on the current version of you.

And when you do, you take the same actions you’ve always done.

Then we wonder why nothing changes. : (

Instead, ask yourself ‘What would the better version of me do right now?’

When you look at things through that lens you’ll see things a lot differently than you do right now.

You’ll want to take braver actions.

You’ll not allow the small things to get you down.

You’ll probably be more forgiving of yourself and others.

You’ll probably spend your time doing more productive things that are better for you and your business.

So what would the best version of you do today?

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