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Stop Being A Monkey

Stop Being A Monkey
Stop Being A Monkey

…the obvious thing to do when you enter any market is study the competition.

But what if the person you’re copying from, is leaning over the next guy’s shoulder, to see what they’re doing?

And what if that guy hasn’t a clue, or is copying off someone else?

You’ve just become part of a long conga line where everyone’s playing monkey see, monkey do.

Word of advice, go the opposite to everyone.

Because it’s only then that you’ll do something unique that’ll probably be profitable.

Who said that fiction had to be put in a book and couldn’t be a podcast instead?

Who said that your next website shouldn’t be an app instead of WordPress?

Who said that an email couldn’t be a blog post?

Who said that you should email only once a week?

Who said that you can’t give away a hundred-dollar course with a 10 buck monthly planner?

I  could go on, but you get the point.

Hardly anyone tests the waters and does anything unique.

And that’s why most folks get the same results as the rest do

If everyone’s only charging a dollar for a fiction book then I’ll do the same.

If everyone’s advertising on Twitter then I’ll do the same.

Thing is, if I’m only charging a buck for a book, that’s all I’ll get. – But what if there are people willing to pay more but I never test that?

What if Bing ads are better than Twitter, but I never test it?

Monkey see, monkey do….monkey get the same results as the rest of the monkeys.

If everyone’s zigging, try a little zagging….you might be surprised by what you find.

Here’s my version of Zagging.

A monthly membership, where you have access to all my products and can request courses on things you’d like me to make. – Oh, and i take you behind the curtain and show you what I’m doing myself.

You can zig all over the Internet looking for the equivalent but I’d be prepared for a long trip. – I’d bring some sandwiches if I were you.



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