Stop Being A People Pleaser

…we all like to think of ourselves as independent men or women so the thought that you could be a people pleaser is one you’ll disagree with.

And yet we are. – We can be guaranteed that we’re living our life according to the rules of others.

If not, you’d be writing a book today not caring what the world thought.

You’d be recording and posting videos not caring what the world thought.

You’d be writing what you wanted on your personal Facebook page not caring what family, friends, or neighbours thought.

Now, I know sometimes you have to pull your horns in and not post every single thing that comes into your head, but other than that you should be free to do it.

Or how about not doing it, because you don’t need someone else’s pat on the head to make you feel good about yourself? – That’s a thought.

If there’s anything social media has shown us it’s how people-pleasing we’ve become.

We’re scared to disagree with opposing opinions.

We’re always looking to build a following trying to please as many as we can to do so.

We write content looking for a ‘Like’ or a ‘Share’ instead of writing for us and not caring if anything happens. – Heck, you could argrue that I’m here with this piece for some love from you, otherwise, why did I write it here and not just put it on some toilet stall with a Sharpie?

Business is nothing but people-pleasing. Sometimes having to please customers we don’t want. And in some cases, agreeing with the latest social media nonsense for fear of losing market share.

Now, you could argue that you’re one of the few. You’re one of those people who post those ‘I’m a lion, leader of the pack’ motivation image types. But scratch under the surface and you’ll find one person that you’re doing it for.  – There’s still a mother, a father, a spouse, or someone important in your life that you’re doing it for.

You mightn’t be a people pleaser, but you’re a person pleaser.

We can argue that we do the things we do because we want to do them, but it’s a fib when you dig a little deeper.

The best we can do is make sure, that when it comes to people pleasing, we keep that number as low as possible. – That’s where freedom lies. That’s where people write books, record videos, and get out of their comfort zones.

Because just like too many cooks spoiling the broth, pleasing too many people can spoil a good life.

Give that some thought today.

Before I ended up on the path I’m on, people pleasing and the fear of others’ opinions kept me small, scared of doing what I wanted to do. If you want to know how I overcame it and the 3 secrets I learned along the way go to now.