Stop Bringing Your Briefcase To The Beach

…or your laptop, like some of those ‘Make a million dollars in 60 seconds’ guys  would tell you that they do.


For one, laptops and sand don’t mix that well.

And two, why are you at the beach in the first place?

Most of us head to it to relax or to play, not to work.

Funny thing is, when our time at the beach is up, our time at work is sometimes spent dreaming of being back at the beach.

The sad part is, we never get the full enjoyment, or most productivity of either, because we were never totally present in either place.

Look around you and you’ll see that’s true.

A couple out for a meal, yet both are playing with their phones. Or worse, a father throwing ball with his son and a cell phone to his ear.

And it’s not just with the phones and social media either, but mentally also.

If you’re writing or creating something, and your head’s off working on some other side project, have you really given that work 100%?

Doesn’t your blog readers, readers, customers, deserve to get something close to that value and not a watered down version of you?

As Jim Rohn says, (the beach briefcase line is his also by the way), you’re giving up a portion of your life for the work that you’re doing.

A portion you’ll NEVER get back.

So isn’t it best to get your money’s worth from that hour of work?

That hour on Facebook is one you won’t get back, unless you’ve made that hour a productive one. 

I’ll be honest, that week’s holiday I had away from everything, was a mental cleanse for me.

I used to go to places like Facebook and my email box on a regular basis, looking for something to occupy me, not using them when I wanted to use them.

‘No emails? I’ll look back in 10 minutes and see if there’s anything there for me.’

Crazy, right?

If that was a real mailbox, can you imagine running to it every 10 minutes, checking to see if there’s something there or not?

If I’d added all those moments together, focused on the thing that was in front of me, who knows what I would have wrote, created, or better relationships I would have had?

How about you?

Supposed to be writing, but your mind’s off longing to get back to social media and email?

Thinking of work when you’re with family and friends?

Both deserve a better you.

Why not switch your device and head to aeroplane mode?

The world and your work will still be here when you get back.

You know what else will be here?

That’s right, WriteCome.

Filled with more gooiness than your favourite chocolates.

You can dip in and out when you’re in the mode for learning something new.

It’s also recommended by *dentists all over the world. 

PS – * No dentists were asked that question, but you knew that already.