Stop Explaining Yourself

…if there’s one thing you could do today that would cut down on arguments, blank faces, and sneering looks, it’s to stop explaining yourself.

A lot of us feel that if someone asks why we’re writing a book, why are we making videos for TikTok, why we think we can make something that can make us money, we feel like we have to explain ourselves. That because what we do is a little weird from what the masses do, there’s got to be a legitimate reason for doing it. 

And so we explain it as best we can.

‘It makes feel good.’

“It’s something I’ve got to get out of me.”

“I know someone needs to hear, read, or see this.”

“It’s hard to explain.”

And we get that look. Like a confused dog, turning its head sideways. – It doesn’t register with them.  

“But why bother?”

“You wouldn’t understand.”

And it’s true they’ll never understand. And as long as you give them a reason, it’ll smash itself on the rock of reality in their head. They don’t get it. And the reason they don’t get it is that you don’t see the world as they do. 

They don’t see a reader with your book. They don’t see someone’s day made better because you showed up and made something for them.

 They don’t see it, and they’ll never see it.  – Because they’re looking at the world through their eyes. And as long as they do that, they’ll never see all the wonderful things a ‘weirdo’ like you can see. 

When they ask, why? – Just do yourself a favour and change the subject. 

I’m sure many people think I’m a bit of a weirdo too, especially when I tell them that they could make an income from something they’re deleting from their devices. 

If you’re a little weird and open to new ideas, head on over to now and allow me to show you all the juicy details.