Stop Failing And Start Testing.

…when it comes to direct sales, the people that do it well, are always testing.

They’re testing one sales letter against another, this headline over that one, or a variety of things that can make a difference to their bottom line.

They know before they begin, that nine times out of ten they’re going to have flops. But for the nine they lose on, one is going to be a money maker.

Once they’ve got that money maker, it’s back to testing once again to find the next better version.

‘So what!’ says you. ‘That’s not what I do.’

That’s true, but you’re missing the point.

They test.

They don’t have failures, they test.

They go in each time knowing they’re going to have failures, maybe even huge ones, but they know that there’s success waiting for them. – They just don’t know what that is yet.

In real life, we look at failure a different way.

We fail – we’re a failure.

We fail – we don’t try again.

We fail – we bitch about someone else’s success.

Why? Because we don’t look at failure as a tool meant to teach us that what we did wasn’t right for us.

  • We try to write for one genre, we fail, we give up.
  • We create a planner, it doesn’t sell well, we give up.
  • We create a blog, no one visits, we give up.
  • We create a course, no one buys it, we give up.

However, your success could just be another ‘test’ away.

  • Write for a different genre, test your results, then try again.
  • Create another planner, test a new market, then try again.
  • Write a series of blog post on another topic, then try again.
  • Create another course, find out what people want, then try again.

Like those direct marketers, you’re going to fail.

Go into whatever you’re going to do, knowing that,

But also know. that there’s a success waiting for you.

Whatever you’re doing today, never look at at your results as failures. – They were just tests that didn’t work out.

Test again.

You can look at yourself as a ‘Failure.’

Or you can look at yourself as a ‘Tester.’

Which one do you think will pay off in the long run?

By the way, if you’re testing journal ideas, you might want to test out bullet journals. – Who know’s they might just be right for you.

You can find out more about them here.

If you don’t have some failures this week, you ain’t trying hard enough.

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