Stop Fighting Over Breadcrumbs….

…as I’m writing this post, we’re going through a cold snap.

I posted a video on Instagram yesterday on what it’s like.

To say it’s cold is an understatement, but for those of you in the US, it’s probably nothing that would get your pants in a twist.

Right now I’m watching two Robins and a crow square up to each other
for the breadcrumbs I threw out this morning.

Seems Robins are a lot tougher than I gave them credit for. 

That got me to thinking of all the people and business that are  feeding off breadcrumbs instead of making their own bread.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay, when you’re playing in someone else’s garden you’re always fighting with everyone else for the breadcrumbs.

If the garden get’s more crowded, with bigger birds flying in, or less bread  crumbs being tossed out, you’re going to be hungry….or have to up your game
to keep up.

Or….find a quieter garden to hang out in.

But what you could do is find out how to make your own bread. Then you can make it when you need it and you’re not in competition with anyone.

How can you do that?

Build an email list of readers and buyers.

Doesn’t matter what you’re selling, it could be t-shirts, planners or dog treats, if you’ve got your own list, the worst could happen and you’d still have a  back up plan.

You could make your own bread and resell to those buyers over and over again.

But if you’re still pecking at breadcrumbs and hoping you’ll be OK, you better make sure you’re the biggest one in the garden.

Click here to build your own bakery.

And then there’s also cats you need to watch out for….