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Stop Focusing On Other People On Your Journey

…imagine you were the only person on the planet.

So each day you can do whatever you want.

If you want to sing your little heart out, you go do it.

If you want to draw something, you go do it.

If you want to make something wacky from a pile of clay, you go do it.

On your own…it’s just a song, it’s a sketch, it’s something made from clay. – They’re all things you wanted to do.

But let’s toss in another few people into the equation.

Now that others are involved, you start to question what you made.

You notice that some can sing better than you can.

Some don’t see your drawings the way you do.

And the clay project doesn’t get an ounce of attention. In fact, some laugh at it.

On your own, those things were fun to do. Now with others around, the shine has gone off them and you don’t do them as much.

That’s us. – That’s our story.

In the beginning, we didn’t care if anyone liked our scribbles, our creations in the sandbox, or our yodelling.

Now, we question ourselves.

How do I compare? – Will anyone like this? – Will I be made fun of?

And the things that were once fun, aren’t so much fun anymore. Now that we’re trying to impress and make others happy with what we do.

Our problem… we’re not alone anymore. – We’ve taken passengers on our journey with us.

What once was a simple, ‘I’ll do that,’ has because a committee meeting of opinions in our heads.

What would family think? – What would my friends think? – What would random strangers think?

And that idea goes from being a flood of inspiration to a restrained, restricted, trickle of a creation.

What once was something we did for ourselves, becomes a class project we hope will be liked by others.

That’s even if we get that far.

For some of us, we live a better life in our heads than in reality.

Because at least there those ideas are safe from others’ opinions.

We’ve lost sight that it’s our journey we’re on.

That the only one that really should be happy with what we do, make, and create is us.

That to take on passengers, especially those who will never like what we do, and put their opinion over our own is ridiculous.

And yet we do it.

Maybe it’s time to put you first for a change.

Because that was when you were at your happiest.

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