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Stop Looking At Your Readers As Customers

…when you look at a customer as just a customer, it means they’re just another faceless person in the crowd.

When you win some, that’s great.

You lose some, there’s more where they came from.

But are they?

How many friends are helping you pay your mortgage this month?

How many friends buy every course you’ve ever made?

How many friends have gone straight to social media, bragging about how good you are?

I doubt there’s many…if any.

When you look at your customers that way, it means you always want to give them the best work you can.

When you look at your customers that way, you don’t recommend anything that’s a distraction to them.

When you look at your customers that way, you don’t want them going anywhere else.

Why would you? – They’re your customers after all.

So why would you let them walk out the door, not let them purchase more from you, or be ashamed of dealing with them?

You wouldn’t.

And that’s why I’m glad of having you as a customer.

And that’s why I’m putting a link to one of my products below.

Why would I want you buying something inferior, from someone that doesn’t care about you, and that doesn’t appreciate you?

Now here’s the link to make those book covers of yours stand out from the crowd….the easy way!

PS – Now go out there and treat your customers a little better today.

And if you can find a way to get your friends to pay your mortgage, let me know, I’m all ears.

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