Stop Looking For Guarantees

…from the first moment we come into this world we’re not given any guarantees.

We’re not guaranteed our next breath.

We’re not guaranteed to be born into a perfect body.

We’re not guaranteed to go home with a perfect family.

Heck, we’re not guaranteed to live a full life.

And yet somewhere along the way, we lost sight of that. – That there are no guarantees.

We won’t write a book because we want to know it’ll do well before we turn on the laptop.

We won’t record videos for YouTube because we want to know we’ll have a successful channel.

We won’t blog because we want to know that it’ll be popular before we start posting.

And so we sit on the sideline waiting for guarantees of success.

We want the sure path, the right way, the places where mistakes, setbacks and failures don’t exist.

We want the success of others, but want it in our own safe little way.

And we want to hit the bullseye on the first arrow we shoot.

We know that those are impossible, but still want them to be true.

Because what’s the point in shooting if you miss?

What if you try and you fail?

And what it all amounted to nothing in the end?

Forgetting that that’s the only way we learn in life.

Because a life with guarantees is a dull one. – Where everything arrives the way we want it and at the time that we request it.

A life with guarantees comes with no surprises, no better options, and no disappointments for growth.

A life filled with guarantees is one we’d stop getting out of bed for. – Because what’s the point?

But the opposite, to live a life of uncertainty, is where the fun is.

Uncertainty allows us moments of the last-second scores, of dice coming up six, and random events that no one saw coming.

Those are the ones we talk about, the ones that we remember, and the ones that we want more of.

The best thing we can do today is to stop looking for guarantees and start looking for uncertainty.

That’s where the real joy in life is… it’s in the ‘What if?’

My own journey to throwing caution to the wind, and trying when I didn’t know what would happen next, allowed me to go from being a lowly shelf stacker to where I am now. If you’d like to read about my journey and the 3 secrets I discovered along the way go to now.