Stop Looking Over Your Neighbor’s Fence

Stop Looking Over Your Neighbor's Fence

…imagine for a moment, taking a look over your neighbor’s fence.

Looking at their life from your side of the boundary, it looks like they’re doing a lot better than you are.

They’ve got a nice people carrier on the driveway, and looking at the clothes flapping in the morning breeze you notice that they’re better than the ones on your line.

So you get the notion in your head…

‘That guy works in sales and he seems to be bringing home the bacon, so I should go into sales too.’

You tell your boss Monday morning that you’re jacking in your job and you’re headed for a career in sales.

Six months later, you’ve got all the toys your neighbor has, but God do you hate the job. Complaining about it with your neighbor, you find out he’s got as much love for it as you do.

You also find out that he got into sales because of his neighbor on the other side of his property.

Daft, right?

And yet so many people do it, following the next social trend, writing for book genres they’ve no love for, and building websites and blogs that are slowly killing their spirit inside.

Thing is, sticking to your own lane and working on your ideas is where the fun and money is.

In my own case, the easiest projects I had to do, the books that were the most successful for me, and the courses that were the easiest to create, where the ones I had the most fun doing.

None of which my neighbor was doing, and if they were, I didn’t know about it.

You weren’t put on this planet to be a monkey see, monkey do, person. – They might have drummed that into you at school – But that’s not what you’re here for.

You’ve got ideas that no one else has, you can write like no one else can, and you see the world in a unique way because of the way you grew up.

Let your neighbor copy his/her neighbor.

But don’t be surprised if they want to copy you when they see you doing well.

It’ll happen. – Just watch your JVZoo and WarriorPlus emails to see evidence of that.

And as for you writers out there…if you’re copying your neighbor’s characters and slotting them in your books you’re also doing yourself a disfavor.

Learn to create you own unique ones using this. 

PS – Who wants to lie on their death bed and think, ‘Boy I was the best clone that there ever was?’