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Stop Negotiating With Yourself

Stop Negotiating With Yourself
Stop Negotiating With Yourself

…take this morning as an example.

Last night, I said that I’d get up at six.

When six came around, the little voice kicked into action.

‘Take 5 minutes more.’

‘Why are you getting up at 6? Don’t you remember that one of the neighbors is doing the school run?’

‘You’ve been doing this for a while, what’s one day going to make a difference?’

And on and on it went.

Had I listened to that voice, I’d probably still be in bed.

Maybe you’re doing that yourself right now, negotiating what you’re going to do next.

99 times out of a hundred that voice always gives you the easiest option.

But a strange thing happens when you end up in the ‘do-do’…it’s never around.

It’s never there when you’re wheezing, climbing up a flight of stairs.

It’s never there when you’ve got money problems.

It’s never there when you’re at the end of your life, realizing how much you pissed it away.

So stop negotiating with yourself.

When you do, you always go for the easier option.

And no one built a great life on easy options.

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