Stop Writing Yourself Off

…it’s human nature for all of us to look outside ourselves for something that’ll make us better than we are.

Something that’ll make us more money.

Something that’ll make us a better writer.

Something that’ll give us more confidence.

And sometimes we find that course, that book, or that coach, that magically transforms our lives.

But did they do that?

Or did they just give us permission to use that part of us?

Back when I was shelf-stacker, I already had the ability to write.

I already had the ability to record and sell a video course.

And I already had the ability to write a daily email.

I didn’t know I had those talents back then. But they were there…looking to have the dust blown off them.

How did I find them?


The books and courses gave me the confidence to it.  The practice just made me better at doing it.

Same goes for you.

There’s no writing fairy going to touch your head with her magic wand and bestow a writing talent on you.

It’s already there.

It’s all inside, rather than outside.

If it wasn’t there, you wouldn’t have the longing to do it.

It’s just up to you to develop the confidence and practice to bring it out.

So stop writing yourself off.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – It’s all inside….not…outside.