Superman’s got Kryptonite, Mine is….

….…wasps. Those little yellow and black little @$%*<<@

The first time I knew we didn’t get on was when I was 8 and I threw a rock into a wasp hive.

I know, not clever. I paid for it a few seconds later when a swarm of them came after me and one stung me in the corner of my eye.

Afterwards I looked like Mike Tyson had hit me in the face. It was so bad, only the tips of my eye lashes were showing.

The second time…

…which wasn’t even my fault, was when my sister was running by me, screaming and swatting the air.

She ran by the car I was lying on, and finally connected with the wasp, hitting it and sending it up the leg of my trousers.

What are the chances, right?

In my case, very good.

You never saw me take my trousers off that fast. Well, I would have, if my leg hadn’t started to swell up.

And so another visit to the doc with another swollen body part.

Since then,  we’ve made a pact to stay out of each other’s way.

Give me a bee any day, at least they’re useful.

Anything that small, and constantly angry, deserves everything it gets.

But while swarming wasps isn’t welcome, or useful in anyone’s world, having a series of emails winging their way to all of your readers is a nicer thing to have. They’re also set and forget, which is pretty cool.

You can start building your swarm of emails using this here.