Take A Bow. No, Seriously… Take A Bow


Because you’re the fiction writer who never majored in English and was never inspired by their teacher.

Because you’re a blogger, someone who’s mission is to entertain, inspire, and help.

Because you’re the one putting quality content on social media, and not posting images of cats or getting caught up in the whole ‘it’s Laurel….definitely Laurel’ argument.

Because you’re not afraid to make a fool of yourself, creating a video that in 5 – 10 years time you’ll cringe at, but for now it’s the best you can do.

Because you’ve failed at more things than you care to remember, but like a punch drunk boxer, you’re still moving forward knowing you’re better than where you are.

How many people do you know that have worked on their dream for more than one week?

How many people try their best at something and then release it even though they’ll face ridicule, rather than tucking it under their bed because they think they’re not good enough?

How many people work for hours on a project that doesn’t stand a chance of making them money, but they know there’s a reason they’ve got to do it?

Not many.

How many people will go to the grave and say, ‘If only I tried….’?

Too many.

So today, take a bow.

There may be people in the world who don’t see what you put yourself through every day, or who you may never reach.

But for those that are around you, your inspiration and success will fuel another generation that they do can walk in the direction of their dreams.

Take a bow.

No, seriously…

…take a bow.
Oh and by the way…

…I want to thank you all for your kind words and helping me with testimonials for Clever Content Creation.

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PS – What about the bow? Did you take one? Go on, no one’s looking.