Taking A Pop At The Oirish

…the other day, Irish media went into melt down. Seems a fading star took a pop at us as a way of making herself ‘relevant.’

On a flight to Dublin, Azealia Banks, charmed us with words that thin skinned Irish took exception to.

Her view of Irish women were…

“Oompa Loompa looking spray tanned, crazy looking b*****s”

And just to sweeten that thought, she also added…

“The girls have scurvy, they’re like vitamin deficient. They need some calcium tablets and some Camaraderie soap.”

And then the ego landed…

“Aren’t you happy to have such a Queen like me? Oh my God, the first black queen of Ireland.”

Me, I found it funny.

For one thing, it was a nice break from all the Trump/Brexit talk. – (Two groups trying to put up walls, but haven’t got a clue what they’re doing.)

Now, while she did grab the press that day, she also did it the day when she was doing a gig in Dublin. – Genius it seems, she ain’t.

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PS – Azealia Banks though, well, she’ll probably be working at the drive thru at your local fast food place. Dishing out all those potatoes we couldn’t get enough of in the 1840’s.

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