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Taking The Mental Road Less Traveled

..if there’s one thing that’s more in demand these days, it’s people with ideas. People that can look at a piece of string and gum, like MacGyver did, and make it into a door pick, a laser pointer….or whatever far fetched thing he could do with the contents of his pocket.

Thing is, sometimes knowing or doing what everyone does in your niche, isn’t the best way of coming up with novel ideas.

Uber wasn’t started by people in the taxi business. How it been, they probably would have looked at it just like every other taxi company would have, which would have made it just like any other taxi business.

Same goes with the Sky cycling team in the UK. There had never been an English winner of the Tour De France before, so how could they fix that?

Well, the most obvious thing would have been to make the rider fitter and the bike lighter. But no, they looked elsewhere instead.  They brought each rider’s mattress and pillow from hotel to hotel – which meant they slept better. And also showed each rider the correct way of washing their hands better – which helped cut down on viruses and stomach bugs being passed around. Throw in a few more things, like painting the garage floors white to spot problems with the bikes and before you know it, they’re on the podium in Paris.

If you look at your book promotion, blog writing, low content book creation, or whatever in the same way as everyone else you’re competing with, you’re probably going to get the same results or have to compete with the same audience.

Having knowledge on how to do something can be helpful, but if it’s limiting your mind, in that you can only see the same path as everyone else, than you’re only going to do the same thing as everyone else does.

A prime example, ask a child how they would promote a book, or sell more copies of yours? Chances are, they’ll come up with ideas you’ll never have thought of.

Why? Because they haven’t read all the books, blog posts, or know what anyone else is doing, because they’re seeing it with fresh eyes. They’re not limited in their thinking. They haven’t heard the…’But that’ll never work’ …..replies in the writing forums.

Wanna walk the mental road less traveled? Look outside your business for fresh and new ideas. Listen to podcasts on weightlifting, read blogs on Ant farms, buy magazines on Model trains, or just go talk to kid, you’ll learn a lot more than just copying and doing what everyone else is.

Case in point was my Super Simple Coloring Books.

Most people would like you believe that to create a good book you need an artist, or at least have to buy image packs to do the job. I think I proved them wrong on that point with this.

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