We could blow our own trumpet and tell you how amazing things are here at WriteCome, how the products are some of the best out there, and that we write an email that people actually look forward to reading, but you wouldn’t believe us.

So, rather than doing that, here’s word straight from the horses’s mouth.

….Oh and before we go further, and we didn’t bride, threaten, or kidnap anyone’s kid to get them.

They just like it here.   🙂

Weird, I know. But true.

I worked with Barry for several months to learn how to look after the back office of my books website. And to teach me how to promote my website and online business. He taught me about things that I didn’t know existed. Now, my website runs like a clock and my knowledge has grown immensely. I can’t thank Barry enough for his teaching.

If your online business needs tweaking, contact Barry.

John Harmer


Loved the hour long video on procrastination. Well done you! Thanks for reminding me about the 5 second rule, parenting ourselves, and many things. And just when I needed that kick in the pants too.  I especially liked you mentioning your promises to Catherine. I’ve said the same things so many times (to myself and others) and need to keep my promises.
I also commend you on the micro-reports page – it’s like Tony Shepherd’s only much nicer looking — and of course not targeted for affiliate marketers. Again, well done. I really enjoy following your emails and read them every day. And especially enjoy your videos and podcasts.
Keep up the good work! Had to reply to let you know we’re out here listening, reading, and following along – your fans!

“If you’re thinking of writing a children’s book – get this! This is THE best course I have ever bought on writing Children’s books (yes – better than the more expensive one!). Even though I have to finish my novel before writing a kid’s book, I grabbed this as soon as I saw it, and will make it my next project. Not only does Picture Book Publishing show you how to write and illustrate books for very little money, It also gives advice and resources on how to promote them. Barry also provides ongoing support which is very useful. Great value for money!”

Wendy Owen

“Thanks to you, I will up load two children’s coloring books in the month of Jan. Not bad for this old man turning 80 this year.”

Kenneth Turner.

“The fact that all the images for the books can be done without the cost of engaging specialist designers is priceless! These books are fun to create and Barry leaves nothing out of the course, it is all there for you from start to finish. Highly recommended.”

Kimberley Bailey

Always first class valuable products. I did not hesitate purchasing “super simple coloring books even though I own an expensive coloring software I purchased from someone else. A bit of advice, when Barry makes a suggestion just do it and think later.”

– To your great success. David Rhodes.

Email Ace is an instruction course that focuses on mindset, strategies, and product promotion, as well as other tips and ideas for email marketing. This course takes email marketers and helps them build upon elements of commonality to you reach the customer in a very authentic way. You are initially taken from the idea stage and shown how to add intrigue, with fun, along with your promotion for a smooth transition. No matter where you are in the marketing experience, you will find valuable takeaways that can be implemented into your current strategy. This is a “Must Have” resource.”

BG Jenkins – www.Trailwords.com


“I purchased the course and went through it yesterday evening. Wow!!!

It really is a simple way to make great coloring books. It took me about an hour to download and set up and now I am making colouring pages in minutes.

And it is so easy that a child could do it. I plan to teach this to my grandchildren.”

Carol Bell


Barry’s Super Simple Coloring Books training was a refreshing surprise! He delivers exactly what he promises and a whole lot more. 
Not only do you get a training that shows you exactly how to easily create coloring pages, it’s how he delivers it that made it worth so much more. 
He doesn’t make you download a huge zip file that you have to unpack somewhere to access the training. I hate that. He simply delivers you to the page with all the videos, right there, ready to watch. No hoops to jump through, no account setup first. That meant I was able to access and enjoy the lessons right from my smartphone!
If you wonder if there’s really a way you can make coloring books with no special software and zero artistic ability, this is it! Highly recommended both for the unique methods I’ve never seen before, and 5 stars for the way he delivers his training.  Thanks Barry! 
Sherry Hill
‘I absolutely love this course! I am totally amazed at how easy it is going to be to build exciting and unusual coloring books for younger children. You have really gone above and beyond putting this course together!
Thank you so much!’ 
Renee Kratz.

Email Subscriber Testimonials

“Just thought I’d let you know your e-mail resonated with me…. …anyway, just thought I’d let you know I enjoy your work and your e-mails.”

“I like your straightforward style … and you are funny too! Thank you Barry!”

“I wish I could really express to you how much I appreciate your daily emails. They have encouraged, scolded and pushed me a bit further along everyday… Keep up the great work.”

“You’re creative and witty and can make something silly or profound out of something minute. You tend to find gems under rocks that no one else looks at, and you can twist and turn a tale like no one else. Thanks.”

“Great email! I am sharing this right now with a few friends who have exactly this problem. Keep ’em coming!”

“Thanks, Barry.  That is quite a functional free tool. – Great suggestion.”

“I just wanted to remind you, even though my husband doesn’t like me joining any subscription type things, I do enjoy your emails, and I have bought practically everything you’ve had for sale.”

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a Guinea Pig…I went through your product, love it!”

“Just wanted to say that it’s so good to see you among the living.  Seriously, I know it’s been a few days since you were back…and it’s good to have you back.”
“Don’t stop those nagging emails because they are slowly getting through my thick skull.”
Told you it was hard to believe in this day and age….but there ya go.
Feel safer now? – Good.
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