Testing 1..2, Testing 1…2, Can You Hear Me At The Back?

…seems some people love my work.

And they love it so much they’re giving away free on a few websites.

Yep, some of my customers have been giving all the download details to their buddies.

How do I know?

It’s easy when you pay attention to your web stats and see where your web traffic is coming from…..so it’s not that top secret.

Thing is…it doesn’t matter to me.


For these two reasons…

1 – Freebie seekers have the attention span of a house fly and never take action on what they’re learning.

2 – They’re promoting me and my products to a wider audience than I could.

Now I know you’re probably thinking,  but Barry, you should lock that stuff
up tight so that no one can take it.

Listen, if the movie business can’t do it with their money, what chance do I have.

Funny thing is, any one of those freebie seekers could sign up for an affiliate
link and make 50% commission on most of my products.

So not only are they not clever….but they’re missing out on commission cheques too.

Talk about dumb asses.

Email Ace has launched and like all my other products it’s got a 50% payout.

You can get your share here.