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That’s Ridiculous!

…back when I was about ten, my dad said something that I still can’t forget.

Sitting in on a conversation with adults one evening, the topic went to, for whatever reason, water and the ability to swim.

‘Can you swim, Paddy?’

‘No. But I know if I did hit the water my instincts would kick in and I’d know how to do it.’

I can’t remember how anyone responded to that nugget, because I was trying to digest what he’d said.

As someone who was afraid of water, and would never go beyond belly button level, that to me was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever said.

But to him it made sense.

In his head, it didn’t matter if it was a diving board, falling into a river, or ending up in the Atlantic, he’d turn into the ‘Man From Atlantis’ as soon as he got wet. – #blastfromthepast

Thankfully that theory was never put to the test.

Now older, I realize we all say stupid things from time to time that makes sense to us.

For example, that you can’t have your own digital product.

That you haven’t got it in you to teach someone.

That you’re not an expert.

And that no one would buy anything you make.

All the above, are as ridiculous as my dad’s statement.

But you’re holding yourself and your earnings back because you believe them.

You mightn’t be able to instantly swim, but I certainly show you how to make a digital product using this.

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Have a good one!

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