The American Dream Ain’t That Far Outta Reach

…the other day I was reading that most Americans consider 20,000 bucks as a life changing amount of money.

With it, they could pay off debts, credit cards, and anything else that’s tying them down.

But, for most of those people, they’re probably thinking of the extra hours they’ll need to work, the time they’ll lose out not being able to spend with their families, or ….are stumped as to where that money will come from.

You…on the other hand….have that amount easily in reach.

20,000 divided by 52 weeks is….384 bucks a week.

384 divided by 7 days is….55 bucks a day.

I’ll repeat that…..55 bucks….a….day.

You don’t have to roll up your sleeves and wash dishes for that money.

You don’t have to fill your garage with some MLM junk that no one wants.

You don’t have to cough up a load of cash, and open a store and hire staff that don’t want to work.

You just need a laptop and some internet access….

….and that’s it!

Some times that simplicity passes over people’s heads. – A laptop and internet access.

All you have to do is create something digital….that doesn’t take up space in your garage, or needs to be kept dry…..and a buy button.

‘But what could I sell?’

Your knowledge.

‘But I don’t know anything?’

And I’d reply that I’ve been showing you tons of things these past few months….there’s nothing stopping you putting your own spin on things….or coaching others, teaching what I’ve shown you.

Even if it took you two years, that’s 27 bucks a day.

You can find a lot of that money making knowledge here.