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The Answer To This Question Will Predict The Success Of Your Business

….what is that question?

Simple…what are you going to do with those emails addresses you’ve been collecting?

Because if you’re doing nothing, and looking for the right moment to pounce, you’ve already lost.

Everyday you’re not staying in forefront of your subscribers minds, is another day they’ll forget all about you.

We can see it with even well known celebrities that have passed away. After the first anniversary of their death, they slow fade into obscurity.

In a few years from now kids won’t even know who Michael Jackson or Prince were.

It’s already happened to Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon.

If they can be easily forgotten, what chance do you have if you’re not emailing regularly?

The answer – none.

Every day you let slip by because you don’t know how to write an email is another subscriber lost and the money they could have given you.

Click here now to stay memorable.

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